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Pizza con i cicoli
Category : Paste fresche e prodotti della panetteria, biscotteria, pasticceria e confetteria

                             PIZZA CON CICOLI DI MAIALE

Production areaThe whole region

The product’s features
Typical cylindrical shape of about 30 cm in diameter and 2-3 cm high.

Methods of manufacturingThe raw materials are: hard wheat flour, water, salt, brewer’s yeast, “cicoli” (remnants of pork fat manufacture).
Pour out flour fountain-like on the board, if necessary add yeast melted in water, until obtaining a homogenous and elastic kneading.
Put everything in a container, cover with a piece of cloth and let it leaven for about two hours in a lukewarm place. After leavening, add the “cicoli”, previously cut into small pieces and flavoured with chilli, a pinch of salt and some pepper at pleasure.
Mix all again and stretch the pastry obtaining one-cm-thick sheet and place it in a pie-dish previously oiled. Cook it preferably into a wooden-burning oven, at 200° C.
It is mainly produced in wintertime.

Materials and toolsManufacturing board, rolling pin, knife, pie-dish, preferably wooden-burning oven.

Proofs of traditionalismBibliographic references:La cucina molisana in 100 ricette tradizionali, author Ottavio Cavalcanti – Newton pocket-size edition 1999.

ERSAmolise notizie Atlante dei Prodotti Tradizionali della Regione Molise