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Production area
The whole region particularly in the area of Forte Molisano (Riccia, Ielsi and Sant’Elia a Pianisi).

The product’s features
Typical rounded sweet, about 2-3 cm thick.

Methods of manufacturingThe ingredients for the short pastry are: 00 flour, eggs (3 parts of yolks and one in the whole), pork fat and cinnamon at pleasure.
The ingredients for the pastiera are: ricotta, sugar, milk, lard, cooked wheat, oranges rinds, vanillin, citron.
Knead fast the short pastry and lay it in a rounded pie-dish, previously oiled and floured.
Separately, prepare the pastiera: cook wheat in milk and beat ricotta with sugar.
Cool wheat and mix it with the shake.
Then add orange rinds, vanillin and citron.
Mix all and spread on the short pastry, previously spread in the pie-dish.
Finally, cover the pastiera with little stripes of short pastry, bake and cook it for about one hour.

Materials and toolsOven, pie-dish, blender and different containers.

Proofs of traditionalismBibliographic references
La Cucina Molisana by Lombardi and Mastropaolo page 255.

ERSAmolise notizie Atlante dei Prodotti Tradizionali della Regione Molise