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Taralli con seme di finocchio
Category : Paste fresche e prodotti della panetteria, biscotteria, pasticceria e confetteria


Production area
The whole region

Methods of manufacturingThe raw materials are: 00 flour, oil, salt, eggs, fennel seeds.
Put flour fountain-like on the pastry board, add eggs, oil, salt and fennel seeds; mix all until becoming homogenous.
Cut the pastry into stripes forming 2-3 cm large and 25-30 cm long sticks.
Twist the stick on itself and join the two ends until forming a circle.
Boil the “taralli” for 2-3 minutes, drain and dry them on a cotton cloth. Finally, cook them into hot oven, preferably wooden-burning one, for about 10-15 minutes.
They are produced all year.

Materials and toolsWooden plane

Proofs of traditionalismBibliographic references
• Agnone usi e costumi tradizionali, by Custode Carlomagno, Typography Lampo Campobasso 1984.
• Almanacco itinerari del Molise del 1970 Nocera Editor, page 252.

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