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Once people ate well in Molise”- I have been hearing this sentence for almost thirty years.
The truth is that people still eat well in Molise and for cheaper prices. Here you can find many seasonal products. The forcing farming in a greenhouse haven’t arrived yet. Is it good or not?
However, you can still find, for example, tripe knots but only after the gleanings. The tripe knots come from the intestine of the unweaned-lamb that have eaten wheat remains. Gleaning is a typical product for hungry people. A culture for remains, a clever recycling for a more modern practice
". (Antonio Pascale, Non è per cattiveria – Laterza Editions, 2006)

Typical products as IDs of peasant culture, which is poor but genuine, natural and pure.
Recipes as period documents where ingredients are ably and delicately mixed, as if they followed the slow rhythm of time, as well as the food consecration that is an appointment not to lose.

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