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 Immagine a valley surrounded by intense green mountains, boundless spaces where horses at liberty move through woods expanses, rhythms and colours of a typical western landscape: we are not in Texas or in Wyoning, but in the heart of the Molise, in Staffoli where every year, on August, takes place the “Corsalonga Western Show”, the most important equestrian gathering of people of the Centre-South of Italy, assembling people keen on country culture. A unique event of this kind in Italy, focused on horses and the whole culture, coming above all from overseas countries but matching in this scenery with local history and our equestrian traditions.

The “Corsalonga” of Staffoli expresses the evident desire to approach the environment, places and people genuineness, considering the castle as the most authoritative and pleasant fellow. It is the most welcoming Italian place for horse ride-tourism and people keen on open-air tourism, where you can join passion for horses and environment: walkings, trekking, rides passing through pastures, cattle-tracks, wide green areas and thick woods.

Moreover, in order to enrich the landscape, there are the expositive areas where, among cowboys typical clothes, saddlery tools and all what is necessary for horses cure and equestrian practice, you can taste typical foods: barbecued meat, sausage and beans, cheese and truffle.

The sporting competitions are the main topic of the event, in which stables and professional, horsemen coming from all the Italian regions, compete for the desired trophies, offered for the different specialities like Barrel-Racing, Pole-Bending, Cattle-Penning, Roping, besides the acclaimed Team Penning tournament for the Staffoli Cup. It is an occasion for tourists, excursionists but also for the participants of the competitions to link together sports zeal and relax in a pleasant and extremely welcoming context. 

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