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Routes > Ambiente e Natura > Riserve Naturali e Oasi > Sentiero LIPU - Rio Secco
Sentiero LIPU - Rio Secco

The zone is part of the SCI area of La Montagnola. It shows different environmental characteristics; the wild deep valley of Vallefredda characterises the area with different habitats: reforestations of conifers and spots of coppices, steep rocky sides delimit its track, soft-slopes of pasture-meadows on hillsides are the butterflies paradise, hydrophilous vegetation on the deep valley bottom.
The area is part of LIPU reserve and its track provides for a “full immersion” excursion in the green through a simple path, accessible to everyone.

On a small hill, it is possible to see the ruins of the basis of a building structure, perhaps a Samnite temple, which, even if not very known, it is quite valuable to reconstruct the historical events of pre-Roman age. On the side of Colle Palomba, there are traces of agricultural-pastoral daily life, consisting in stone ruins shaped like small “trulli” (characteristic conical-covering houses of Puglia) used as temporary refuges.

PATHIt is practicable in every season, very charming, well signalled in the LIPU area and very interesting from the educational point of view, thanks to nice tables illustrating its avifauna. Following the well signalled track, the path is parallel to the Deep Valley Vallefredda, going gently up on a grassy carriageable track. At the edges, there are well illustrated panels. The track ends two km far away through the meadows; on the right it is possible to see the outline of stony ruins. Going up, on the left, on a grassy slope of Colle Piana Palomba, at 1 102 m on the sea level, the view towards Matese mountains starts opening.
You can go along the ridge towards North and the top of the rise finding other “trulli” and, following the methane pipeline track through the meadows, you can reach the top; further on there is Colle della Macchia (1 165 m on the sea level) and La Procella hill.
The wide view embraces the panoramic sight from the Matese to Mainarde.
You can go on the grassy track towards the temple ruins towards Fonte Vallefredda.
On the opposite side of the road, in the picking up area, you can penetrate a grassy path and leave it little by little turning on the right, to go back where the LIPU track ends. Go down for a few hundreds of metres, turn right passing through the meadows of Piana Palomba, as far as a track leading to the start.

Sources: pubblication by Claudio Di Cerbo

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