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Routes > Ambiente e Natura > Riserve Naturali e Oasi > Foresta Demaniale Regionale MONTE CARUSO E MONTE GALLO
Foresta Demaniale Regionale MONTE CARUSO E MONTE GALLO

The area of the State Regional Forest “Monte Caruso-Monte Gallo” covers about 1 021 ha. Purchased by ASFD as State forest, it was a large property of Pignatelli Princes of Monteroduni.
In 1975 it was assigned to the region of Molise, whom committed it to the State Forester.

In the area there are mixed woods of Turkey oaks, hornbeams, holm-oaks and some species of Mediterranean sea, like the Judas trees. There are also durmasts, ashes, maples and other species of the Mediterranean horizon. Furthermore, there are chestnuts, wild apples and pears, beeches at high altitude.
Besides the natural wood, there are more or less recent reforestations, mostly constituted by original broad-leaves of the place, but also Neapolitan alders and conifers like Aleppo pines, black pines, silver firs, cypresses and Douglas-firs.

There are thrushes, blackbirds, ring-doves, jays, quails and raptors like kites and buzzards. Among the mammals, there are weasels, beech-martens, squirrels, dormice, moles, shrews, urchins, foxes, hares, wild boars. There is also a wide range of amphibious and reptiles.

This ancient and solid structure made of calcareous stone was a big refuge for animals on mountain pasture, especially for joeys and care staff. At the present time, it is not used but it could be probably intended for a didactic-educational site (ex. Verdello stone museum and quarries park).

It is the typical calcareous stone of tableland. It is found in strong reefs, with sub-horizontal stratification and abundant cracking. Stripping its leaves off, the strata show characteristic greenish oxidations, which derive its name. Its demand on the market is very high due to rural, masonry and stone-cutter works.

Activities directed to prevent the danger of fires are constantly carried out, by creating and servicing the “firebreak strips”, eliminating the exceeding biomass and servicing the road network. As regards the forest, recently a water supplying point has been created, intended to fill fire fighting means, in particular helicopters.

The State Forester is committed also in wood care, by reconstructing the areas scoured and damaged by fire and carrying out all the necessary interventions aimed to ensure the wood “health” and preservation of biodiversity and natural habitats. The whole forest is part of the largest Site of Community importance (SCI) named “La Gallinola – M.Miletto – Monti del Matese”.

GUIDED TOURSTo book guided tours in the State Regional forest “Monte Caruso-Monte Gallo”, address to the Administration Office for the State Forests of Isernia, situated in via Bellini 8/10, tel. 0865 3935, fax 0865 413491.

LOCATIONThe State Regional forest “Monte Caruso-Monte Gallo” is situated in the countryside of the Commune of Monteroduni (IS) and on the borders of Campania region and the Regional Park of Matese, in the South.

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