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Scapoli_Festival Internazionale della Zampogna

The International Festival of the Reed-Pipe takes place in Scapoli every year, during the last weekend of July: a programme rich of events, music, shows and fun along the town roads.
The Festival, born in 1975 and called Market National Exhibition of the Reed-Pipe, enjoyed great success and had the merit of calling the attention to the instruments and artisans whom, still nowadays, in Scapoli, built examples respecting the tradition, keeping alive the culture of the whole area.
It is a very attractive event, thanks either to the rites and traditions of an historical memory still alive, and to the fact that it is an occasion of brotherhood and shearing with people coming from different countries, all joined by their passion for music.
The different cultures, the living colours of the traditional clothes, the different rhythms and sounds, blend in an unique tradition inexplicably. So, in the music, there is also a brotherhood message passing through the present people, each one with his own costumes and instruments.
Besides music, the visitor can taste the typical food of the gastronomic tradition of Scapoli, like the “Ravioli alla scapolese” whose recipe is deposited at the Chamber of Commerce of Isernia.

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