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Roccamandolfi_Giornata del Pastore

The Shepherd Day is promoted by the Coldiretti Provincial Federation and is celebrated on the third Sunday of July on the plateau of Roccamandolfi. It was born as a bovine review in the 80’s in order to improve, through the insemination, the genetics of the local “Bruna Alpina” with “Brown Sviss” selected seed.
A few years ago, it became the “Shepherd Day”, that is the review of the ovi-goats patrimony of Roccamandolfi and neighbouring towns, thanks to the results, already obtained, of the genetic improvement of the beefs.

The number of participants is remarkable, attracted also by wonderful landscapes, peacefulness and serenity inspired by the great scenery of the Plateau of Campitello di Roccamandolfi.

So, besides the valuation of the ovi-goats patrimony, they prepare different stands in order to promote dairy products, handicraft, zootechnics and agricultural products, beehive and undergrowth products, tools and agricultural machines. A gastronomic stand offers “Agnello alla Brigante” and “Pezzata Matesina”, cheese, local cold cuts and good wine. Generally, the day ends with ballads and singings in the valley, which will return to the solemnity of its silences the day after.

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