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Isernia_Processione del Venerd́ Santo

The Procession of the Dead Christ is a sacred representation connected with the Holy Week rites and develops as an evocative drama.
In Molise it is celebrated solemnly and attracts many people especially in Campobasso and Isernia.

The main characteristic of the procession of Good Friday of Isernia is the presence of Wycliffites, believers with covered heads carrying the statues of Mater Dolorosa and Dead Christ, besides the busts of Ecce Homo, the Calvario Crosses and Way of the Crosses ones. An other distinguishing element is the long preparation phase of the statues of Mater Dolorosa and Dead Christ, which precedes the real procession.
First elderly women adorn with flowers the plaster image of Jesus lying on the deathbed, full of lacerating wounds and, successively, prepare the statue of Mater Dolorosa wearing a black dress, embroidered with golden thread, with crowned head and her heart stabbed with seven swords, representing the seven deadly sins.
All the town Confraternities (Santa Maria del Suffragio, Sant’Antonio, San Domenico, San Pietro Celestino) – distinguishable for the mozettas colour – participate in the procession developing a role in the cortege, but the Confraternity of the Holy Sacrament is the one who always organizes all the sacred representation, in which also the clergy, with its own role, and the civil and military authorities participate.
The procession passes almost through the whole town, with its streets adorned with lights and torches prepared on many balconies by people of Isernia on this occasion.

The statues and busts of Ecce Homo, the Calvario Cross and Way of the Crosses ones are carried by repentant believers: the Wycliffites, so called for the cowl, crowned with thorns covering their face and completing the white tunic which distinguishes them. The aim of the cowl is to hide the identity of who does the penitential act giving a more important value to it.

The procession of Good Friday, characterized by a wide community of participants whom, together with songs and prayers, make intense and moving the atmosphere, such as to not find in any other religious rite of the town.

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