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Routes > Ambiente e Natura > Riserve Naturali e Oasi > Area Naturale Torrente Lorda
Area Naturale Torrente Lorda
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The source of the limpid waters of Lorda stream are at few kilometres over the village of Castelpizzuto, enriching considerably the flow of Volturno right after.
The Natural Area of Lorda Stream starts approximately below the village of Sant’Agapito and goes up along the stream as far as the first houses of Longano, extending over three kilometres more.
The Area measures 70 ha, including the zones on the two banks with variable width according to the characteristics of the territory and the environmental valence.
Lorda stream is a fluvial rod, whose waters flow all year, with slight human traces in the past, which left untouched its charm and landscape. It is a varied, striking and wild environment, with steep sides, even more than a hundred of metres of height and softest sides covered with thick vegetation. An integral woody surface where mixed woods of durmasts, hornbeams, manna-ashes, maples and some long-lived chestnuts, strawberry-trees and also beeches higher up coexist.
A characteristic stream with jumps, rivulets and tracts where its limpid and transparent waters calm down into deep pools in the rocks.
The sight shows an untouched and exciting environment, with a river flowing from time to time among steep sides of grey or reddish rock where dark green spots of evergreen holm-oaks show up or among sides covered with musk and ivy.

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