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Uccelli (cielli, ciell'arechine, cilluc')


Production areaThe whole region, particularly the Communes of Civitacampomarano (CB), Lupara (CB), Larino (CB), Agnone (IS).

The product’s featuresSemi-lunar sweets, with rich, sweet and aromatic stuffing. The ones from Agnone are squared, tender and crunchy, tasting like classic sour black cherry.

Methods of manufacturing
The ingredients for the sheet are: 00 flour, sugar, whole eggs, pork fat, grated lemon rind. The ingredients for the stuffing are: cooked must, grated homemade bread, sugar, honey, coffee, toasted almonds, bitter cocoa, cloves, orange rind, lemon rind, cinnamon stick, Strega liqueur, nutmeg. In some areas of the Molise (Agnone and other communes), the ingredients may vary, e.g. eggs, flour, sugar, grated lemon rind, extra virgin olive oil, wine, sour black cherry jam. Heat the cooked must and add honey, sugar and coffee. Apart, mince the almonds, cinnamon, cloves, orange and lemon rind. Mix all with cocoa and nutmeg, pour the kneading in the cooked must before boiling, add grated bread a little at time and mix all accurately; cook for twenty minutes. Apart prepare the sheet and the “ciello”, only when the stuffing is completely cooled. They are produced all year and particularly at Christmas, on the occasion of weddings and various festivities.

Materials and tools
Pastry board, tinned copper container, wooden spoon, mixer, steel pliers, little cogwheel to cut the pastry, oven.

Proofs of traditionalism
Bibliographic references
• Guida alla provincia di Campobasso page 91 Ed. Molise Verde 1993.
• Advertising playbill 1972 (Library of Agnone).

ERSAmolise notizie Atlante dei Prodotti Tradizionali della Regione Molise

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