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The village was founded approximately in 1059 by San Vincenzo al Volturno Abbot, Giovanni the V, in order to defend the descendants of those farmers called in 939 A.C. by Raimbaldo to till the soils of the plain below. It raises on a hill surrounded by 12 towers, many of which today are in ruins or used as sheds and houses transformed during the years. The plant follows the natural hill configuration. In the east, the door called “Saracen”, opens with three towers on the left and one on the right alternatively; the last one is situated at the corner of the Northern wall, on which other six of them raise, far from each other from 30 to 60 metres. The sixth one called “Big Tower”, should have been used as jail as it presents a trapdoor with a little opening. The twelfth tower is on the right of the balcony surrounding Seggio square, facing the wide Volturno valley. Inside the suburb there is San Lorenzo Church that guards in the apse the frescoes datable between the 13th and 14th century, representing benedictory Christ among the angels, the Apostles and the Crucifixion.

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