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Routes > Ambiente e Natura > Riserve Naturali e Oasi > Il Parco Fluviale del Verrino
Il Parco Fluviale del Verrino
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THE SURROUNDING AREAThe Verrino is situated in the centre of the High Molise Area, in connection with world-value environments: the fir-wood extending from the slopes of Monte Campo and Monte San Nicola as far as Pescopennataro and Sangro river, the M.A.B. reserve of Collemeluccio and Montedimezzo inserted into an international programme of Unesco as Biosphere Reserve, the fir-wood of Montecastelbarone, and nearby the National Park of Maiella and Abruzzo, Latium and Molise.
There are also historical-architectonical traces like the monastery of St. Luca, the ruins of the Samnite town of Monte St. Nicola, the medieval ruins with the sighting tower on the same mount, of the same age on Monte Capraro with the monastery where friar Ruele of Monte Capraro Rule lived, the first written vulgar document of the zone, the recent discoveries in Terravecchia, the Samnite wall of Monte Cavallerizzo.
The renowned “Oscan tablet”, useful document to interpret the Oscan-Samnite language, was brought to light in the resort of Macchia.
The remarkable environmental values include also minor traces of secular human activities.
The terracing, the dry stone walls also show the characteristic stony refuges shaped like beehives with pseudo-vaults.
A series of tracks, partially identified and marked also thanks to the collaboration with Italian alpine club of Isernia, is part of the path system that enables to go through the whole territory and goes on as far as neighbouring villages, as leading wire to admire the valuable environmental qualities of this unique territory and reach panoramic points with extraordinary views.
The Garden of the Apennine Flora, pure exemplar of vegetable biodiversity preservation, in which Verrino stream is the ideal continuation towards the valley as regards the complementary vegetation aspects, is reviving the scientific interest thanks to the increasing number of visitors and student-bodies.
The increasing attention to natural environment, also meant as primary element for better life quality and economic and social aspects, make it a successful territory also thanks to its tourist infrastructures. The cross-country skiing tracks of Prato Gentile, where numerous and important national events took place, together with descent systems of Monte Capraio, the Natural Riding Centre of Capracotta, the National Park of Maiella, Sangro river, the historical centre of Agnone, Pescopennataro and Vastogirardi, the Samnite theatre of Pietrabbondante are remarkable tourist attractions. So, approaching to the area is the occasion to enter a territorial context with a wide range of choices among history, art, landscape, fun and culinary art.
In completion and in alternative of the signalled path system, you can choose among new itineraries starting from the River Park Area:
· Pedestrian path of hydraulic wheels and factories
· Path of the traces of country-pastoral civilization
· Path of the flora
· Path of the natural areas (Rio Verde, National Park of Maiella and fir-wood of Pescopennataro)
· Path of Samnite traces.
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