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Routes > Ambiente e Natura > Riserve Naturali e Oasi > Il Parco Fluviale del Verrino
Il Parco Fluviale del Verrino
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The path allows to admire the striking view of the irregular stream course.
Starting from Capracotta, you reach the St. Croce Mill and go on towards the waterfall below Pisciarello Farms.
Passing through the path, which departs from the river and partially wanders through the thick vegetation, you can see the numerous jumps, slides and waterfalls following one another with no continuity.
It is one of the most attractive shows along our streams, in a still wild and well preserved environment.
On the way back to the village, the track leads to Fontana del Lama and overcomes the Incoronato Farms, allowing to appreciate the peculiarity of a less wild landscape but with the primitive features of medium mountain countryside.

(Source: The River Park of Verrino - Claudio Di Cerbo)

Page: « 1 2 (3)

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