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I Coltelli di Frosolone

“The knives manufacturers of Frosolone, able to improve more and more their productions, make the craft blades a real art. Today, as in the past centuries of tradition, quality and design of the cutting tools of Frosolone take the lead, thanks to inventiveness, creativity and not seriality”.Francesco Jovine

Frosolone is renowned since the Reign of Naples age for its excellent production of sharp tools. The centre is almost turned into an “industrial district”, when Charles of Bourbon, King of the two Sicilies, was going to arrange his reign in the industrial field supporting the reorganization of foundries and armaments.
In 1828, the town fame was going to increase, thanks to Fazioli brothers, who gained the silver medal for their products at the artisan Exhibition in Naples.
Yet, in Frosolone the art of forging has more remote origins. In fact, we cannot date the origin of metals manufacturing in Frosolone, but Michele Colozza, in his volume “Frosolone from the origin to the feudalism abolition”, published in 1933, dates this tradition to the 6th century, when the Lombards, a people well-known militarized, went towards the Southern Italy.
Subsequently, the agricultural inclination and especially the stock raising of the town started up the production of agricultural tools and utensils through metals manufacturing.
Local handicraft specialization in sharp tools manufacturing dates back to the Middle Ages. In particular, there are some documents about Venetian craftsmen emigrated towards the South of Italy, who spread the art of steel forging in the Molise.

Nowadays the knives manufacturing has industrial features even though keeps a strong family connotation managing the business.

Since 1996, on August, in Frosolone takes place the Market Exhibition of Knives and Scissors along the historic centre lanes, in the same rooms that used to be the artisans workshops. Every year about fifty craftsmen exhibit their own products; in particular, the ones from Maniaco (Friuli), Premana (Lombardia), Scarperia (Toscana) and Pattada (Sardegna) who wrote a protocol called “The blades twinning” with the Commune of Frosolone.

In the same period, in the historic centre, takes place also the feast of Forging, a manual method that allows to mould the objects and different parts to assemble.
Recently, thanks to the financing of the University  Ministry and the University Research, the Sharp Tools Museum has been reopened in the rooms of “Via Selva”.
In the museum are kept hundreds of objects of historic value collected by people keen on this art and the heirs of the best scissors and knives manufacturers of Frosolone of the last century.

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