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Scattone (tassa, ru scattone)


Production area
The whole region

The product’s features
Liquid product mainly used during the cold and tiring days of the farmers to get them warm and open their stomach for other courses

Methods of manufacturing
The raw materials are: slop with homemade pasta, red wine and chilli. Farmers aperitif, consisting in adding red wine and chilli to the slop with homemade pasta.
It is produced during the olives or grapes harvest

Materials and tools
Tinned copper cauldron

Proofs of traditionalism
Bibliographic references
• Almanacco itinerari del Molise del 1970 Nocera Editor, page 250.
• Vocabolario “Dialetto Agnonese” by Giuseppe Cremonese Typography Gabriele Bastone, Agnone 1898, page 105.

ERSAmolise notizie Atlante dei Prodotti Tradizionali della Regione Molise

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