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Soffio (sc'usc')


Production area
Venafro (IS) and Pozzilli (IS)

The product’s features
It is a simply doughnut, eaten preferably when hot from which derives its name “Sc’usc’” (breathe)

Methods of manufacturing
The following ingredients are used: soft wheat flour, bread yeast, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, water and salt. In some cases, add white wine and orange rind. Boil a little rosemary branch and the orange rind in water for about five minutes. Percolate and pour out the brew into a container with flour. Add and mix salt, white wine, yeast.
At the end, kneading should be less consistent. Let everything leaven (until redoubling pastry consistence), then take a punch of pastry at time, shape it like a typical doughnut and fry it in extra virgin olive oil.
Take the golden doughnut off from oil with a carving fork and let it drain in a container.

Materials and tools
Wooden table, pan (fressora), carving fork.

Proofs of traditionalism
Bibliographic references
C’era una volta Venafro – Giovanni Atella – Tipografia Terenzi Venafro pag. 51-54.
Festivities, festivals, exhibitions, etc.
It is prepared at the end of the year (St. Sylvester). In the past, every house was used to have “sc’usc” and wine to offer to guests and during the little St. Sylvester concerts, wishing a happy new year.

ERSAmolise notizie Atlante dei Prodotti Tradizionali della Regione Molise

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