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In 900 A.C. Fornelli pertained to San Vincenzo al Volturno Abbey. In the 16th century the feud belonged to the Pandone’s, subsequently to the Caracciolo’s, the Dentice’s and the Carmigano’s. The village shows two stages of implementation: the first one consists in the baronial palace, the lookout tower and the church, a principal door as fortress entrance provided in the past with a drawbridge and a moat and a secondary door as emergency exit. The second stage refers to its subsequent expansion with defensive walls, access doors, cylindrical lookout towers on slope basis with slits. Inside the village walls, the houses wind in tight lanes, alternating to wider bays that sometimes show turned passages and striking views. As you pass the principal entrance in the suburb, on the right there is the ancient baronial palace that today belongs to the Laurelli’s and is definitely the most important building of the old town centre. At the present time is private property and shows a good preservation state.

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