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Documentary sources attest that Longano was already existing in the 10th century as Boxano County’s property. Between 1443 and 1525 its owners were the Pandone’s of Venafro. Then, the Gallarulo’s, the De Gennaro’s, the Sampogna’s, so it was a kingdom since the 18th century. We haven’t neither specific news about the foundation of the castle, nor we know any name of owners or who stayed there in the past. Nowadays the castle is a ruin but you can see the slope basis of the cylindrical tower directed towards Isernia and on the other side the walls of what should have been an other tower on which you can see the rafters holes. The basements are very interesting, winding under the present trampling floor. It’s not easy to enter in because of the thick vegetation that covers it and of the impassable location of the entrance sheer over the rock. The exploration of these hypogean environments could definitely clarify some issues about the foundation and articulation of the whole complex. The Commune of Longano is the present owner of the castle and has elaborated a plan proposal for the recovery of the historical monumental and naturalist legacy of this area. The plan provides also an intervention to reinforce the towers and all the existing walls.

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