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The news about the existence of the castle of Pesche date back to the Norman age. It is mentioned in the Borrelliano Catalogue, where they say that, in the second half of the 12th century, a Guglielmo di Pesclo owned Pesclum et Cantalupum. The fortress of Pesche appears as a unique case of the Molise and links up to examples of the area of Abruzzo (San Pio delle Camere and Roccacasale AQ) that appears as fortified fences. The castle-fence of Pesche raise on the San Bernardo mountain, but unlike the fortified settlements of the Molise is not situated on the top of a mountain but is placed along its sides. Inside the wall perimeter there are many round towers, both at the corners and along the sides, while the inhabited place of Pesche extends on the slope and unites with the castle-fence for the presence of leant houses in order to be the first defence. In case of danger the population could leave easily the village to find a safer shelter inside the boundary walls. Today it is still possible to identify two doors that allowed the entrance in the fence, one led to the village and the other one to the mountain. In the present time the Commune of Pesche owns the whole fortified complex.

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