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Sesto Campano

Sesto Campano

In the Angevin document summaries of 1320 is mentioned a resort called “Rocca Piperocii” doubtlessly identified with the present fortified centre. The stronghold stands in the centre of the village and the outside structure has an irregular shape due to the natural adaptation to the rocky spur on which it develops. The cylindrical tower is the most striking element of the defensive complex and appears in natural state; at the top presents a corbels crown on which placed a boss plan to defend itself. The first stage dates back to the beginning of the 14th century, while some decades later was lined the battlemented tower used as defence of the cylindrical tower called “Maschio”. You can deduce it by the absence of flooring and the presence of embrasures and circular holes for fire-arms distributed along the perimeter of the boundary wall. An angular tower on slope basis is situated on the southern corner of the structure and it was used as lateral protection at a secondary door. It wasn’t possible to enter straight in the Maschio through the trampling floor as there wasn’t any openings. They were linked each other through an external retractable staircase joined to an entrance on the first floor of the tower. In the past the stronghold, for its geographical position on the border of the Lazio and Campania, represented the centre of defence and control of the territory of the Molise. The castle of Roccapipirozzi is property of the Commune whom has elaborated a restoration proposal in order to consolidate the boundary wall and settle the surrounding area with pedestrian paths and gardens.

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