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Routes > Arte e Storia > Castelli > Rocchetta a Volturno
Rocchetta a Volturno

Rocchetta a Volturno

In the past the castle belonged to the Battiloro’s, today it appears with a style dating back approximately to two centuries ago, even though, as the ancient origin of Rocchetta testimonies, (12th century) it should have been founded in the same period, undergoing radical restructurings during the centuries. The rectangular-plant castle raises on the living rock with entrance in the south, on the edge of a cliff; on the right the wall curtain thickens, forming a kind of tower. It extends in two floors, with quite small rooms and a kitchen with a huge chimney. The door leading to the yard, on the eastern side, on the architrave is surmounted by what remains of a noble escutcheon. The suburb of the old Rocchetta is very suggestive; it was bombed during the Second World War and subsequently destroyed by a landslide. Today the stone portals of the houses surmounted by escutcheons, lanes with stone paving and the Santa Maria parish church preserving inside a stone christening font dating back to the 12th century, still remain.

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